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Key words | fortitude ·creativity · new beginnings ·wealth |

Diamond imparts fearlessness, invincibility, and fortitude. It clears emotional and mental pain, reducing fear and bringing about new beginnings. Stimulates creativity, inventiveness, imagination, and ingenuity. It brings clarity of mind and aids enlightenment. In addition to its spiritual power, Diamond has an unconquerable hardness and has been known since antiquity as a “Stone of Invincibility,” bringing victory, superior strength, fortitude, and courage to its wearer. It is associated with lightning and fearlessness, and for its properties of protection. It is a symbol of wealth and manifesting abundance in one’s life

Chakra | Crown + Third eye

Star signs | Aries · Sagittarius

Recharging + Cleanse | Agate geode | Cleanse with Sage

| Fluorite for decision making

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