Collection: Green moonstone

Green moonstone | Garnierite

Key words | prosperity · intuition ·friendship |

Garnierite is used to attract prosperity, luck, especially in games of chance, and bring us closer to our desires. There is a reason this nickel-based green stone, like other Heart Chakra stones, helps bring abundance. Our heart center radiates with a magnetic field that is 5,000 times that of the brain. We are meant to manifest through our heart and our emotions.Garnierite contains the same metaphysical properties as regular Moonstone, but with more of an emphasis on emotional healing. Due to its connection with the Moon, it strengthens intuition and psychic abilities. It also helps one connect to the Divine Feminine.

Chakra | Heart + Solar Plexus

Star signs | Leo · Virgo

Recharging + Cleanse | Apophyllite geode | Cleanse with Sage

Pairing | Green aventurine for prosperity