Collection: Pyrite


Key words | action ·willpower ·abundance·confidence ·masculine energy ·good memory |

Pyrite strengthens and activates the third chakra, the seat of the will. The result is increased confidence, assertiveness, creativity, and the ability to do what it takes to create what you want. Pyrite activates warrior energy, supporting assertive action to protect loved ones, community, and Earth. It also supports masculine sexuality, ambition, mental focus, physical stamina, and vitality. It is used as a manifestation stone due to its support for taking action to create your dreams and goals. As an Earth stone it is grounding and can be used alongside hematite for this purpose.

Chakra | Solar Plexus

Star signs | Leo · Virgo · Pisces

Recharging + Cleanse | Pyrite geode | Cleanse with Sage or Palo Santo

Pairing | Malachite + Citrine to attract prosperity |