pink aventurine gemstone jewellery

Pink aventurine and rock crystal bracelet

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Peachy pink aventurine and rock crystal gemstone bracelet with wing and Swarovski heart.


Gemstones used

Pink aventurine - Key words: determination, creativity, sexuality, inspiration, happiness, desires


Pink Aventurine is a gemstone with a meaning and effect to increase happiness. It is known as a gemstone that can fill positive energy in people’s minds. You would be able to stop negative chain reaction by filling your mind with brightness. It is also useful when you want to get out of difficult situations


Rock crystal - Key words: self-respect, emphasizes other stones, healing wounds of the past


Rock crystal is one of the most powerful healing stones which can be applied to a broad scope of metaphysical problems. It is very suitable for healing wounds that originate in the past, like for example those impressed in a troublesome childhood. Rock crystal helps with improving self-respect. It increases energy in general, and in particular the energy of all the other crystals. This wonderful crystal also possesses the ability of accommodating and incorporating the other crystals energy. Therefore, at least in principle, it can replace any other stone