vintage tea jug blank recipe book personalised cookbook

"Timeless kitchen" short tea jug recipe book I

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Stunning polka dot recipe book/cookbook for you to fill out with secret recipes. Gather all your family best knowledge about cooking and make delicious surprises! 


This blank recipe journal is A6 size - inside you have 80 handbinded recycled pages to fill out with the most secretive recipes. The recipe book opens up to three parts and secures itself with a magnet closure. Inside you have extra notepad space and also a "pocket" for 8 food categories which can be bookmarks for your writings. Little handy helper in the kitchen, good gift for Mother's day, birthdays or just cooking enthusiasts!


Size: A6  

Material: chipboard, nepalese paper, professional photography, bronze details, cardstock, recycled paper, designed papers

  • Product care

    Please me mindful that I am made out of chipboard and paper - I don´t like wet and moist conditions, please keep water and mist away from me. If you could avoid direct sunlight for longer times that would be great - otherwise I will lose my vibrant color in time and my bronze metal parts will start to rust.