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Vintage shabby chic tea box

SKU: 001

New vintage blue shabby chic rose tea box with three components for fresh and aromatic tea experience. The bronze chain is holding up the lid while opening the box. 


Materials used: 3mm chipboard, nepalese paper, bronze accessories (teaspoons, brads, eyelet, chain), professional photographs, vintage paper, cardboard, paper flowers, wooden cut-outs


Measurements: 22cm x 15cm, tea sections approx.  14cm x 7cm

  • Product care

    Please me mindful that I am made out of chipboard and paper - I don´t like wet and moist conditions, please keep water and mist away from me. If you could avoid direct sunlight for longer times that would be great - otherwise I will lose my vibrant color in time and my bronze metal parts will start to rust. 


    I wish you all the happy tea experiences!