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Azurite raw specimen

Azurite raw specimen

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Key words: focus, balance, optimism

Azurite strengthens the astral and etheric bodies, making one less vulnerable to psychic attack. It enables journeys out of the body to occur safely. It can improve mental clarity and focus, stimulate the intellect, and aid the assimilation of new information. Peaceful in nature, Azurite provides both peace and calm as we gain greater insight through our inner vision and allows us to manifest with humble confidence. This rare and precious crystal is associated with the ambitious optimism of Sagittarius.


Raw piece A - 16g | 3 x 3cm

Raw piece B - 25g | 3.5 x 3cm

Raw piece C - 18g | 4.5 x 2.5cm

Raw piece D - 20g | 6x 2.5cm

Raw piece E - 53g | 4.5 x 3.5cm

* Please be advised that all pictures are taken with natural light. The product might slightly differ from the picture when it arrives, tumbles and palmstones are intuitively chosen for the person ordering. We are trying our best to capture the best features of the crystals 

* Feel free to write on your order your preference of the crystal e.g. would like to have crystal with more pattern in it or I would like lighter colours for tumbles

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