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Caribbean calcite towers A-E

Caribbean calcite towers A-E

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Caribbean calcite

Key words: calming, inner awareness, reduces anxiety, helps with meditation/dreaming

Caribbean Blue Calcite is a mind activator and helps one channel their own unique psychic abilities that aid one in elevating their consciousness. Keep this stone by your bed side for an enhanced perspective of your dreams, as well as an additional power source to aid in lucid dreaming and astral travel. It is an extremely healing crystal with soothing energies that will calm anxieties and bring liberation to tension. This crystal provides inner awareness on the ways to best navigate to one's highest vibrational life. It's energy feels soothing, like a cool breeze on a perfect day with bright blue skies. 

Tower A |  144g | 10.5cm

Tower B | 124g | 9.4cm

Tower C | 131g | 9.2cm

Tower D | 88g | 8.7cm

Tower E | 105g | 8.1cm


* Please be advised that all pictures are taken with natural light. The product might slightly differ from the picture when it arrives, tumbles and palmstones are intuitively chosen for the person ordering. We are trying our best to capture the best features of the crystals 

* Feel free to write on your order your preference of the crystal e.g. would like to have crystal with more pattern in it or I would like lighter colours for tumbles

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