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Chrysocolla and moss agate panther gemstone bracelet

Chrysocolla and moss agate panther gemstone bracelet

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Lovely rose gold panther and empowering chrysocolla crystal with dark green moss agate will bring prosperity and confidence to the wearer. These two stones together make a good couple for better communication and courageous acts.


Gemstones used



Key words: compassion, forgiveness, empowerment, confidence, communication


There are many forms of power: Chrysocolla empowers the Divine feminine and the power of true wisdom to teach and transform. The best prescription for easing work-related stress, the crystal reminds us to check out of everyday life and take some time to float down the river of your inner spirit.


Moss agate

Key words: optimism, abundance, self-confidence, luck with money


Moss agate encourages tranquility and motional balance. Moss Agate is known for a symbol of richness and prosperity. It is a gemstone that can stimulate your creativity and support you make a progress in life. This green stone may assist you to correct imbalances between the two sides of the brain, and it resonates with a lovely heart based vibration, that most of you will find useful to have in your life. The vibration of this stone brings you strength and courage and will help to lessen fear and stress and may aid you to attract nature spirits. Moss Agate reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants.

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