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Cobaltoan calcite specimen A

Cobaltoan calcite specimen A

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Cobaltoan calcite

Key words: love, mother-child bonding, relieving anxiety, relieving past trauma, creativity

Cobaltoan Calcite is a nurturing and soothing crystal of love and joy. It fills the heart with love for others, supports self-love, heals inner-child wounds, and relieves anxiety and stress. This varietal of Calcite is useful for anyone who has been physically or emotionally traumatized and is good for post-natal depression. It is a sweet and gentle crystal that helps promote mother and child bonding. Like all Calcites, Cobaltoan is an excellent crystal for students, as it allows for more effective studying, retain lessons learned, and amplifies learning. This stone helps us to discover our innate talents and our life purpose. It stimulates creativity, uplifts emotion, promotes harmony, and dispels negativity.

Size: 141g | 6 x 4.5cm

* Please be advised that all pictures are taken with natural light. The product might slightly differ from the picture when it arrives, tumbles and palmstones are intuitively chosen for the person ordering. We are trying our best to capture the best features of the crystals 

* Feel free to write on your order your preference of the crystal e.g. would like to have crystal with more pattern in it or I would like lighter colours for tumbles

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