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Galena specimen | Morocco

Galena specimen | Morocco

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Key words | self-reflection · acceptance · protection |

Galena is a stone of the alchemical process of self-transformation. Galena can act as a powerful mirror, reflecting light into the deepest darkest regions of our shadow self. Galena lends us the courage to face and embrace the deepest and most feared regions of our own soul. It has long been used in magical practices as a stone of protection and power, and is useful in past-life regression work, guiding our visions to the appropriate lives and memories needed to be witnessed and healed.

Chakra | Root chakra

Star signs | Capricorn

Recharging + Cleanse | Agate geode | Cleanse with Sage or Palo Santo smudge or incense

Pairing | Hematite + black onyx for extra protection


Size | around 5 x 3.5cm

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