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Pink rose tea chest

Pink rose tea chest

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New vintage pink rose shabby chic rose tea box with four components for fresh and aromatic tea experience. The bronze chain is holding up the lid while opening the tea chest. On the lid you can find professional photography and on the side bronze metal handles. 


Materials used: 3mm chipboard, nepalese paper, bronze accessories (teaspoons, brads, eyelet, chain), professional photograph, vintage paper Maja design, cardboard, metal hinges


Measurements: 22cm x 15cm, tea sections approx.  14cm x 5cm


Care information

1.Keep Away from Water: If your item does accidentally come into contact with moisture, gently dab the wet area with a soft, dry cloth to absorb the water.
2.Limit Sun Exposure: Try to place your item in a location where it will receive indirect or filtered sunlight. This will help maintain the vibrancy of the paper's design and the integrity of the material.
3.Handle with Care
4.Regular Dusting: dusting it with a soft, dry cloth or a soft-bristled br
5.Avoid Heavy Items
6.Give it Love and Care

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