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Quartz with lithium | Brazil

Quartz with lithium | Brazil

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Quartz with lithium | Brazil

Key words: mood stabilizer, calming, stress-relief

The Lithium contained in this Quartz is the same mineral used in mood stabilizing medications, but in its pure form as it comes out of the Earth. When combined with Clear Quartz, the natural antidepressant properties of Lithium are amplified. Lithium Quartz is a combination of pure Clear Quartz with inclusions of Lithium rich minerals. The Lithium is often seen as a pale pink to mauve phantom within the Quartz. It is the presence of the Lithium that makes this Quartz Crystal so special. It is a good stone to use when working with pets or plants. Lithium Quartz can be used to assist in addiction withdrawal, as well as issues of insomnia, anxiety, and panic disorders. Lithium Quartz can purify water.


Size: 110g | 6cm

* Please be advised that all pictures are taken with natural light. The product might slightly differ from the picture when it arrives, tumbles and palmstones are intuitively chosen for the person ordering. We are trying our best to capture the best features of the crystals 

* Feel free to write on your order your preference of the crystal e.g. would like to have crystal with more pattern in it or I would like lighter colours for tumbles

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