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Tourmalinated quartz towers A-F

Tourmalinated quartz towers A-F

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Tourmaline quartz

Key words | cleansing, purifying, relief, protection |

Tourmaline Quartz combines the powerful energies of Quartz and Tourmaline. It clears stagnant energy from one's aura and is beneficial for those who need help remaining on their spiritual path, especially if they have deviated to engage in harmful behaviours. It converts negative energy into positive energy as it reflects the energy back to us like a mirror.

Chakra | ALL

Star signs | Libra · Scorpio

Recharging + Cleanse | Agate or Clear quartz geode | Cleanse with Sage

Pairing | Rose quartz + Morganite to avoid conflicts


* Please be advised that all pictures are taken with natural light. The product might slightly differ from the picture when it arrives, tumbles and palmstones are intuitively chosen for the person ordering. We are trying our best to capture the best features of the crystals 

* Feel free to write on your order your preference of the crystal e.g. would like to have crystal with more pattern in it or I would like lighter colours for tumbles


Tower A | 90g | 9cm

Tower B | 88g | 9.1cm

Tower C | 77g | 8.9cm

Tower D | 83g | 8.8cm

Tower E | 80g | 9cm

Tower F | 86g | 9.1cm

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