Collection: Botswana agate

Botswana agate

Key words | relieves tensions · concentration · awakening |

Botswana Agate is effective in assisting those who are on a personal journey to overcoming addictions. It is helpful to work with during times of life transition. One may experience a spiritual awakening, and it can be the start of one's total self-transformation.Agate is a deeply grounding crystal, steadying us while improving mental function, improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms as it releases tension and creates a sense of security and safety.

Chakra | Crown + Third eye

Star signs | Scorpio · Gemini · Taurus · Capricorn

Recharging + Cleanse | Agate geode | Cleanse with Opium incense or Eucalyptus essential oil

Pairing | Amethyst + Moonstone + Lepidolite + Ruby in Fuchsite for sleep deprivation |

Tiger’s eye + Red jasper against bullying |

Blue apatite for learning languages and living in foreign country |

Smokey quartz to help getting rid of smoking habit |

Rhodonite + Unakite to get rid of obsessions |