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Chrysanthemum stone

Key words | harmony ·helps with change · renews relationships |

Chrysanthemum Stone is a stone of wealth, honor, and synchronicity. It helps align us to the messages of the universe, and activate dormant skills, talents and potential abilities that lie within. For those of us who feel we have missed our calling, or are unsure of what our gifts might be, this stone inspires. It can allow us to do something we have always wanted to do and draw in unexpected opportunities from the Universe that to assist us in living out our dreams. Chrysanthemum Stone lends us the courage to make decisions and move beyond our comfort zone. A talisman of change and for remaining open to new possibilities, this stone is excellent for changing direction or finding a new relationship later in life.

Chakra | ALL

Star signs | ALL

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Pairing | Any crystals to help you live in the present