Collection: Morganite


Key words |divine love and compassion · attracts relationships ·inner strength ·acceptance |

Morganite assists in connecting to the energy of divine love. This stone brings a sense of peace, joy and inner strength. It helps us to recognize negative emotional patterns so they can be adjusted. It helps us be more receptive to the loving words, actions, and energy of others, and can help attract a soulmate or deepen a current relationship. Morganite brings peace and acceptance when facing loss or deep grief. It is thought to support the physical heart and believed to help strengthen the energetic field of the heart.

Chakra | Heart

Star signs | Libra · Scorpio

Recharging + Cleanse | Pink aura geode | Cleanse with Sage or Cinnamon incense or essential oil

Pairing | Rose quartz + Rhodonite for friendship