Collection: Petrified wood

Petrified wood

Key words | harmony ·respect · emotional healing |

Petrified Wood gives one the ability to translate spiritual insights into changes in their physical life. It promotes deep emotional healing linked to difficult relationships, especially those of ancestral origin. It also encourages one to live life on their own terms.Petrified Wood teaches patience and helps us understand how to allow life to evolve in perfection. Working with its grounding energies can encourage us to live our lives as spiritual beings within this physical realm. Petrified Wood connects us with the energies of the Earth, encouraging us to respect and look after their environment, ever finding ways to live simply, in harmony with the Spirit of the planet.

Chakra | Root + Third eye

Star signs | Leo · Capricorn · Taurus · Virgo

Recharging + Cleanse | Aragonite geode | Cleanse with Sage or Palo Santo

Pairing | Chrysoprase + Ametrine + Green aventurine to do effectively work |