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Rosasite on dolomite | Morocco

Rosasite on dolomite | Morocco

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This colorful specimen contains green rosasite crystals that formed from a bed of pristine, reddish brown ferroan dolomite.


Key words | overcome pain · calming · public speech |

Rosasite’s energies encourage you to voice your pain, face it, and move forward from it. Learn from these past experiences and grow from them. Rosasite is here to pull you along your journey and be that “light” in times of darkness. This mineral also helps one through any emotional strain by providing calming and uplifting vibrations. Rosasite is a powerful stone for anyone in a communication career.

Chakra | Throat + Heart

Star signs | Virgo

Recharging + Cleanse | Agate geode | Cleanse with Sage incense or Palo santo smudge

Pairing | Blue chalcedony to improve your skills on public performance


Size | around 5.5 x 4cm

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